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We understand that your visual identity is more than the face of your brand, reflecting not only your story but also your promise to customers.

At branded by berkeley, we excel at delivering a unique and impactful brand identities that go far beyond just aesthetics. We exist to tell your story, to capture the higher purpose of your brand, and to articulate your message through a compelling visual and verbal identity system that people will remember.

Our expert branding team combines research with creativity to develop powerful brand names, eye-catching logos, visual languages, branding systems, brand guidelines, and comprehensive brand messaging toolkits that cut above the noise and fully align with your business values.

Our services also extend to creating beautiful brand collateral, including stationery, brochures, infographics and whitepapers.

Using your North Star narrative as our guide, the branded by berkeley team will develop a visual identity which will uniquely represent your brand and convey its personality, values, and messages to specific target audiences. As an essential component of your branding and marketing efforts, your visual identity plays a crucial role in creating a recognisable and memorable brand image. The berkeley team will bring together typographic, graphic, colourways, imagery, layout principles, and messaging in a single style guide so you can confidently differentiate and build trust in a crowded marketplace.

Logo design sits at the heart of your visual identity. Remaining true to our proven storytelling methodology, branded by berkeley delivers unique logos that embody your higher purpose and brand values. Our logos are designed to be simple in nature and easily identifiable. They often incorporate colours, shapes, and typography that convey the brand’s personality and message for maximum impact.

This strategic framework defines your organisation and the relationship of different brands and sub-brands within your business portfolio. branded by berkeley define how your brands are structured, named, and positioned to create clarity for both internal stakeholders and external consumers. Developing a cohesive brand architecture is particularly important if your company offers a diverse product range or has multiple service offerings or subsidiaries.

Great ideas are meaningless without effective execution. branded by berkeley can provide your organisation with all the assets and promotional items required to effectively communicate and promote your brand to your audience. Ensuring that both your visual and verbal brand language is adhered to, the branded by Berkeley team can provide websites, whitepapers, marketing materials, stationery, and everything in between to achieve brand consistency.

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