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Transform from an anonymous face in the crowd to the most engaging voice in the room with branded by berkeley’s Storytelling Academy. Learn from our Chief Storyteller, Chris Hewitt, as he takes you through a six-step story process, transforming your message into an engaging and unforgettable narrative.

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At branded by berkeley we are masters of storytelling. We offer a bespoke six-step storytelling workshop service to help our clients tell their stories with absolute clarity. Our team of experts know how to create stories that are both engaging and impactful. Whether you want to show off your product’s best features, talk about the problems your company is solving, or just build up your brand, we’re here to help.

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Have you lost sight of your higher purpose? Do you even know what your higher purpose is? At branded by berkeley, we specialise in identifying and defining your ‘North Star’ narrative – the single-most compelling message that communicates your brand’s promise and commitment to your audience.

branded by berkeley’s Storytelling Academy is the only accredited training organisation of its kind in Europe. During this masterclass session with our Chief Storyteller and CEO Chris Hewitt, you will learn how to codify the golden rules of effective storytelling into a simple formula that wins hearts, minds, and more exposure for your business.

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