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Unlike other branding agencies, branded by berkeley offers a fully integrated PR and communications service that delivers maximum media coverage.

We start by uncovering your unique vision, the singular narrative that defines your true purpose and mission. Then we integrate our decades of PR experience with our unrivalled suite of messaging services – global public relations, media communications, campaign ideation, digital activation – to deliver impactful stories that generate headlines and resonate with people. All in one seamless package.

Whether you are an innovative start-up or an established business seeking a bold new narrative, our global team of creative PR experts provide a laser-focused communications strategy that will evolve, promote, and boost your brand while delivering tangible results.

In today’s hyper-saturated media landscape, your brand requires a dynamic PR strategy that can rise above the swell of mediocrity and deliver compelling stories that generate headlines and resonate with people. At branded by berkeley, our team of skilled PR experts are masters of their craft. We provide a 360° service to create outstanding PR strategies that target the right media with the right audiences at the right time. And our results speak for themselves.

The art of storytelling is our business. We live and breathe narrative ideas that deliver potent, powerful, and persuasive brand awareness campaigns that cut through the noise and get you noticed. Rooted in insights and deep research, our narrative techniques challenge the status quo by simplifying your core messaging to its truest essence and then making it land with maximum impact.

Our extensive network of contacts in both mainstream and specialist media will give you a competitive edge when securing press coverage that will be seen by the right people. Our full-service press office works on a local and global scale and can guide you in bringing out your most valuable business insights to a wider audience, ensuring greater brand awareness and optimal coverage.

We deliver highly integrated PR, design, and content marketing campaigns that resonate locally and globally.Our hub and bespoke services can be led and coordinated from any of our international offices in London, New York, Munich, and Sydney, plus our close-knit team of licenced partners, who work together seamlessly to ensure success on a local, regional, and global level.

Whether you are looking for product launches, campaign ideations, brand amplifications or multi-channel activations, our team of skilled and creative experts will bring your business ideas to life and produce bold, insightful, and inspiring campaigns that will boost your broader marketing objectives and deliver tangible results.

Our tactical team of digital natives will help you navigate the ever-shifting sands of the online landscape to increase your brand visibility and deliver those precious backlinks that boost traffic and rankings. We provide nimble organic or paid social media campaigns, conduct full online audits, create killer on-page SEO strategies, and write scroll-stopping content that connects with audiences and converts them into loyal customers.

Today, companies must be agile in communicating their message in a dynamic and persuasive way. If your business is looking to make a meaningful impact with your target media, we can help organise and manage a vast array of experiences, from intimate one-to-one breakfasts and exclusive soft launches to large-scale events and cutting-edge digital showcases.

We connect our clients with their industry’s tastemakers to create authentic, digital-first campaigns across the social media ecosystem. From London and New York to Sydney and beyond, our specialist influencer relations team provides consultations with leading content creators and communities to cultivate bespoke brand ambassador programmes that capture hearts and minds in the digital sphere.

Most businesses recognise the importance of effective communications in times of crisis, yet it’s surprising how often they take the wrong approach. At branded by berkeley, we have decades of experience in handling difficult situations. Our team of professionals can help you manage, control, and re-shape the media narrative in a way that protects your company’s reputation while minimising commercial damage.

Journalists are adept at throwing people off balance in their line of questioning. We offer bespoke media training workshops that will hone the effectiveness of your brand messaging and communications when facing the media. Our tried-and-tested interview techniques will prepare you for the unexpected and help you to answer questions clearly, succinctly, and with confidence.

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