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At branded by berkeley, we specialise in creating dynamic and engaging brand videos to support your business needs.

Our in-house video production experts create bespoke ‘hub’, ‘hero’, and ‘how to’ videos that are designed to captivate target audiences and maximise your return on investment. We walk you through the entire video production process, from storyboarding and scripting to production and post-production. Moreover, we always ensure that we select video formats that deliver optimal value within your budget.

Whether you need a business showreel, a client interview for a case study, or a podcast series, our team has you covered across all digital platforms, or even an event big screen.

Telling your story is our primary focus, and pre-production is where we look to develop creative concepts to support your video’s objectives. Our branded by berkeley video specialists will collaborate with your team to write and develop storyboards to communicate your vision effectively, while our content writers will develop scripts should the project demand them. We research locations or studios for filming, as well as putting a crew and schedule together for the shoot. If required, we can look to cast and select professional presenters, actors, or voice-over artists.

This often involves filming and capturing the content required to support your story and elevate the script. This might involve either live-action footage or animation, or a combination of the two. Whatever format is right for your project, the branded by berkeley video team can deliver.

It’s at this stage that we edit, develop, and enhance the footage we have filmed. Colour correction and grading, sound editing and mixing, visual effects and animation, music composition and licensing, title and graphics design are all seamlessly brought together in the first cut. We share this with the client and then look to refine and complete the final edit to our client’s satisfaction. If required, we can create different versions and formats, including adding subtitles.

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