Giving a brand identity to the largest of startups. How branded by berkeley launched a global data centre company.

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The back story

With more than $35 billion invested globally in digital infrastructure assets, Digital Colony (now Digital Bridge) is one of the largest financiers in their sector. A joint venture with the Anglo-American telecoms giant Liberty Global created a start-up business that would begin life with over 100 edge data centres, spread mainly across Europe.

However, starting a business can be a difficult process, particularly when trying to launch a brand globally. Defining the core messaging of an enterprise with no history or track record requires delicacy and expertise, and building brand assets that work on an international stage is an intricate process.

What we did

branded by berkeley were asked by Digital Colony and Liberty Global to help define the new company’s brand narrative and establish a compelling brand identity. Core assets included branding, a new website, a launch video, sales and marketing assets, along with a revamped PR and communications strategy.

The North Star narrative

Stakeholders from both investors were brought together in a series of storytelling workshops, hosted by branded by berkeley’s Chief Storyteller and Director of Brand Communications. These workshops outlined and shaped the new business story, examining exactly how and why the company does what they do, and how that sets it apart from its competitors – ultimately providing the foundations on which to build the identity.


The team curated a design which seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality. We crafted a digital experience that reflects the client’s brand ethos but also prioritises user engagement.
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Advance to the Edge

Our thinking

branded by berkeley created a name and brand that fit with the company’s new narrative. Drawing on a modernist aesthetic, a look and feel was developed which sought to distance the new company visually from its clichéd tech imagery focused competitors.

This led to a new core message:

The edge is where the next wave of innovation happens where we push boundaries and challenge convention. From the imminent raise of 5G to autonomous vehicles, to smart cities or virtual healthcare, we’re going to be there making it happen – in the most sustainable way possible.

What we delivered

Once the new brand identity had been established, the branded by berkeley team worked closely with AtlasEdge to create a company name and visual assets that supported the core messaging. This included generating a new logotype, a brand book and brand collateral. Our team was focused on deliver a compelling brand that was ready for launch to its target market. The brand’s new visual identity was carried forward into the designing and building of a new website, along with web copy, and an SEO strategy.

The story continues

The branded by berkeley content, design, and development teams set to work producing the brand book, core marketing assets, and developing the new website. The brand and website have received plaudits from stakeholders and clients alike. branded by berkeley supports AtlasEdge in its ongoing marketing and web activity and looks forward to delivering additional services as the relationship grows.

Duncan White

Communications and Marketing Manager


Internal and external stakeholders are pleased with the quality work. Customers have praised the website, and the client is happy with its look and feel. The team stands out for their flexibility, and they stick to deadlines and have a great understanding of the client’s needs.