Fuelling change. NEOL Copper Technologies’ journey to revolutionize the lubricants industry and forge a legacy of innovation and sustainability.

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The back story

At the heart of NEOL’s groundbreaking company is CuGlide, their proprietary copper filming technology that offers a new standard of lubricant performance of sustainability.

However, while this revolutionary technology sets them apart in the market, it was clear that NEOL needed to re-position itself as a vanguard of change in the global lubricants industry to make real and lasting impact.

When a recent rebrand fell short of expectations, NEOL sought the expertise of chief storyteller Chris Hewitt and the branded by berkeley team to craft a compelling new narrative that would resonate with both the market and their target audience.

The new narrative, new mission and current North Star

In today’s world, it’s increasingly important for humans, machines, and nature to be resourceful.

At NEOL, we deeply understand the value of these reserves, which is why we create revolutionary technologies that extend the lifespan of equipment and help protect both natural and human resources.

Our mission is to develop innovative technical lubricants that not only preserve our resources but also safeguard our natural environment.

But more than this, we are committed to transforming the global lubricants industry and fostering a higher quality of life in harmony with the natural world.

NEOL. It’s time for change.


Collaborating on the NEOL brand from the ground up has been invigorating. Their focus on innovation and conservation helps shape every idea, building not just an identity, but a sustainable legacy for the future.
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What we delivered

branded by berkeley worked closely with NEOL to create a fresh new visual identity that reflected their commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The new logo, colour palette, and overall design language became a visual testament to NEOL’s forward-thinking approach in the market.

The incorporation of elements inspired by copper — both in colour and form — symbolised not only the technological prowess of CuGlide but also NEOL’s dedication to pushing boundaries and embracing change.

The visual identity served as a powerful complement to the North Star message, creating a cohesive brand narrative that would resonate with audiences across multiple platforms.

The story continues

Following the rebrand, NEOL relaunched into the global lubricants industry with a new sense of purpose and a visually compelling brand identity.

The stage set for growth, innovation, and positive environmental impact, the story of NEOL’s commitment to superior technology and environmental responsibility is not just a narrative — it’s a legacy in the making.




Collaborating with branded by berkeley was a seamless and genuinely creative experience, from senior leadership through to the digital and design teams. They deeply understood the brand we had built for our clients and yet were unafraid to be bold in their visual approach. The result is an exciting rebrand that perfectly captures our innovative vision for a sustainable future.