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Business change heralds new brand story for tech firm. How branded by berkeley re-named, re-positioned and re-branded Phoenix Datacom.

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The back story

When a business brings on new investors, a new management team and embarks on a fresh direction of travel, the time has come to redefine the brand altogether.

In this case, a traditional network infrastructure and reseller company was to embark on a journey of transformation that would see them morph into a modern managed services networking and cybersecurity provider.

What we did

The branded by berkeley team worked closely with the Phoenix Datacom board and marketing team guiding them every step of the way – from defining the brand, to re-naming and re shaping the brand narrative across all channels and touchpoints.

The New North Star narrative

Our Chief Storyteller guided the Phoenix board through our storytelling platform during a three-hour long workshop. The process is akin to bringing a little bit of Hollywood into a sector not known for storytelling. Two important ideas emerged: a new name for the business. And a brand storyboard that informed our North Star Narrative and tagline.


We distilled the essence of the brand into a visually iconic symbol, creating a timeless and memorable marque.
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The transformation into Red Helix

Red Helix provides clarity, confidence and certainty along your digital, cybersecurity and network journey. We keep our clients protected while they focus on growing their business and delighting customers.

The cybersecurity landscape is one that is forever changing. Cyber threats keep evolving, they never stop. We want our clients to know that we are always there, while they get on with the day-job.

This led to our tagline and core message: Always Evolving. Always there.

The new identity

Red denotes danger. It is the most visible of all colours in the spectrum which is why it is used so often to warn people. From corkscrews to staircases, to our very own DNA, the Helix shape is a source of coiled strength. Bring the two together and you have: Red Helix.

What we delivered

Once the new brand identity had been established, the branded by Berkeley team worked closely with Red Helix to create a company name and visual assets that supported the core messaging. This included generating a new logotype, a brand book and brand collateral. Our team was focused on deliver a compelling brand that was ready for launch to its target market. The brand’s new visual identity was carried forward into the designing and building of a new website, along with web copy, and an SEO strategy.

Today we have completed all marketing assets and now our PR and content teams are focussed on raising awareness of the Red Helix brand. In terms of sales revenues, Red Helix is well ahead of its first year’s target and hopes to keep it that way.




branded by berkeley’s expertise and dedication have seamlessly brought our vision to life. The journey of rebranding is not just about transforming our visual presence; it's about capturing the essence of who we are and what we stand for. branded by berkeley not only met but exceeded our expectations, thanks to their innovative design concepts to the strategic insights. Their team has been instrumental in shaping a brand that truly reflects our values and aspirations. We look forward to this exciting new chapter, confident that our revitalised brand will resonate with our audience and potential customers.